Sony: PS3 will pass Xbox 360

The PS3 will eventually outsell Xbox 360 – that’s the prediction of PlayStation Network boss Peter Dille, who claims that Microsoft’s machine is unlikely to enjoy the same ten-year lifecycle that Sony has planned for PS3.

I’m confident PS3 will be around in ten years and I can say that because we’ve done it twice,” Dille told IGN.

Do you think the 360 will be around in 10 years? No? I think that would be the personal opinion of most responsible opinion makers. We can be passionate fans, but I don’t think they’ll be around in ten years so I’m very confident we’ll pass them within that time frame.

We’ve got 31m units sold worldwide right now. They’ve got 39m. I don’t even need to go out ten years. Look at where we are today and where they are today, and they had an opportunity to sprint as far ahead of us as possible when they had the head start. Well, we’re breathing down their necks and they can see us in the rearview mirror and it’s not going to take too long to pass them.”

After what Sony itself admits was a troubled start for PS3, the console enjoyed a very strong 2009 and an impressive roster of exclusive titles points to an equally impressive performance this year.

There is nothing but momentum behind the PS3 at this point,” he added. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’s resonating like never before. We’re well on the way to where we want to be on the platform. We’ve got the software support from a first-party perspective. The third-parties are making some great games. We’re off to the races.”

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