Target Australia enforces plain packaging for R18+ games

An Australian retailer has taken steps to reduce the appeal of games designed for those aged 18 and above.

In much the same way as some territories have enforced the use of plain packaging for cigarettes, Attack of the Fanboy reports that Target is now displaying games with an R18+ into plan cases.

Titles affected include Mortal Kombat X, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and Watch Dogs.

As is the case in other instances where this tactic has been employed, the idea is that by reducing the visual appeal of the product, there is less chance of it being coveted by younger consumers, or parents buying for youngsters.

Target has historically taken quite a hard line with violent games. In 2014 it took the decision to remove Grand Theft Auto V from its shelves, claiming the move was made in response to customer feedback.

Australia as a whole is pretty hard line on the subject, remember. Games were only granted the right to an 18 rating in 2013, prior to which all games deemed unsuitable for mid teens were banned outright. Even since the arrival of R18+, the country has continued to exercise its ban hammer very liberally.

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