Tuomas Erikoinen branches out to form ‘experimental studio’ Part Time Monkey

Boomlagoon co-founder founds new mobile studio

One of the co-founders behind Finnish mobile publisher Boomlagon has left the firm in order to form his own business.

Part Time Monkey is the new studio led by Tuomas Erikoinen and is dubbed by its creator as an “experimental” developer, according to VentureBeat.

“I won’t commit myself to do just free-to-play, just casual or just character-based games,” he says. “I’m doing whatever feels right at the time.”

He is also determined to differentiate his offering from the vast majority of mobile titles by focusing on the gameplay itself, rather than the short and long-term goals and business models built around it.

Part Time Monkey is a self-funded studio, enabling Erikoinen to pursue his creative visions without needing to worry about profitability. As such, he is planning to release his first full game on iOS and Android “without any expectations on retention or monetisation”.

Erikoinen’s first title is Tim, The Unsatisfied Artist – a Flappy Bird-esque title that displays artwork from popular culture on the wall behind you. A second game, this time a premium title, is already in development.

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