Developer is “ready to make something new”

Borderlands creator Matthew Armstrong leaves Gearbox

Gearbox Software’s Matthew Armstrong is leaving the studio.

Armstrong is best known as the creator and franchise director of the firm’s wacky shooter-RPG hybrid Borderlands. He started as game design director and a writer on the first entry in the series.

The developer announced his departure via Twitter:

In comments to Game Informer, he stressed that he was not fired, nor is he quitting out of anger, but instead seizing the opportunity to create something new in the wake of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, its Claptastic Voyage DLC and the Handsome Collection.

“In a rare moment, I was temporarily non-vital,” he explained. “I could leave without damaging Borderlands or Gearbox too much if I did it at this moment so now was the time. I think Gearbox will go great in the future, and I think Borderlands will stay strong and awesome.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I’m not quitting out of anger or getting fired. It’s just time for new adventures. I’m an inventor. I’m ready to make something new. Not just new to me, but new to everyone.”

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