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What is your job role?
I was just hired as an LQA Project Manager in Warsaw. My primary role is to make sure that projects given by clients are completed within the time and budget allocated. In order to do that, I have to make sure that the team is ready and test design finalised (all documents provided by the client are understood, test plans are ready, access to the bug database, etc).

The PM has a client-facing role; I am the main point of contact with the client. My role is to keep them updated with progress as well as challenges met by the team. Creating and maintaining a good relationship is essential.

The second aspect is mentoring and developing the LQA team. This includes regularly evaluating individual performances and managing appraisals with the testers. Lastly, I strive to improve testing processes and produce metrics/KPIs for reports, both internal and for clients, to help improve workflow and best practices.

Creating and maintaining a good relationship is essential

Beniot Provot, LQA project manager, Testronic Warsaw

What qualifications and/or experience do you need?
I previously had experience in delivering projects, with client facing and team management and mentoring.
All of this was indeed in LQA but also in FQA. In my new position, I work with technicians on-site but also with remote teams based in London.

I also gained experience in working with teams and clients from a different part of the world, which meant I
had to adapt to different cultures and behaviours. I come from a scientific educational background and also have a personal interest in computing and gaming. After joining the games industry I also had an opportunity to get the ISTQB certification.

If you were interviewing someone, what do you look for?
For a similar position to mine, I think the essential qualities are problem-solving skills, reactivity and the ability to adapt quickly and proactively. Obviously, an experience in the games industry and localisation is a must at this level. Multitasking is definitely a plus.

Also, personality is important as I believe that being curious will push a candidate to continue personal development. Being a natural born team player and a good mentor is also an asset in an industry which employs a large number of young people.

What opportunities are there for career progression?
Management skills can lead to many other positions, inside or outside the gaming industry. The next logical step would be QA Manager, or Assistant / Junior Producer.

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