Develop's Audio Special continues with advice from Side

Improve your game’s voice production workflow

Today Develop has published online a guide to bettering voice production on large scale projects.

If you’re involved in any element of voice production or game audio, then be sure to read the feature, which is written by Side’s production manager Sini Downing.

Part of Develop’s ongoing Audio Special, Downing’s piece addresses the logistics of workflow, scripting, and post production, and offers essential advice for those in games audio and VO work, whether you’re dealing with a handful of actors or a 500,000 word script.

"Great performances aren’t contained in spreadsheet cells," writes Downing in the piece. "While it can be tempting to format scripts into reams of individual lines per character, the performers need to see the full scene, have context and a way to find their lines easily, whether that’s with highlighting or putting their lines in bold font.

"Along with bespoke scripts for the actors, it’s useful to provide the director with enough information to not only guide the actors, but also help manage the recording session."

For more essential advice, click here to read the full feature.

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