Godus co-creator felt like “an advisor” at Molyneux’s studio and is ready to run his own projects

Jack Attridge leaves 22Cans for indie development

Peter Molyneux’s right hand man Jack Attridge has left Guildford-based studio 22Cans.

The revelation comes from an interview with The Guardian, in which Attridge said he will be moving into independent development after three years at the Godus studio.

“Friday was my last day,” he said. “Me and Peter went on a big 10-mile walk and finally said our goodbye.”

Attridge stressed his departure is not connected to the fallout that surrounded Godus back in February, where complaints of unfulfilled promises reportedly led to multiple departures. At the time, the Godus co-creator moderated a conversation between Molyneux and employee Konrad Naszynski (pictured above, with Attridge in the middle), whose comments triggered the controversy.

“It was January that I said to Peter I was looking to leave 22Cans and go off to start my own thing,” Attridge said. “I was really worried that it might be perceived that I was leaving the studio because of that. It really is a shame because that felt like such a terrible time for us to part ways.

“I decided that it was time to go off and try my own thing and I explained my idea to Peter who was really supportive. He was sympathetic and gave me loads of advice – he just did everything he could to help us. He signed a waiver so I could start my own company straight away, and he advised me on running a team and a business.”

When 22Cans was first set up, Attridge was believed to be in line to take over if and when Molyneux left, but the dev notes that “after a time I realised I was much more of an advisor at 22Cans and I wanted to be able to steer my own ship”.

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