'Non-photorealistic' rendering toolset for 3D art package promises to push boundaries in a different direction

Luxology backs stylistic flair with modo NPR Kit

Modelling and animation tech provider Luxology has launched a new tools extension for its core offering modo that brings developers a range of new abilities conceived to aid ‘non-photorealistic rendering’.

Titled the NPR Kit, the new toolset is focused on creating non-photorealistic assets using modo 601, the latest in a well established line of 3D modeling, painting, rendering, and animation software from Luxology. It has been design to support hand-draw and heavily stylised aesthetics,

“Pushing the boundaries of 3D rendering back to a traditional look delivers an organic feel that resonates with people,” said Yazan Malkosh, beta tester and founder of 9b Studios. “The NPR Kit cleverly juxtaposes the 3D medium with a 2D look, so you can show your audience something that is both new and familiar."

The NPR Kit delivers options for ‘toon’ shading, stippling, halftones, and edge rendering, and hopes to deliver to unique representations of architecture, products and characters in modo. Also bolstered so as to allow for mimicry of established styles such blueprints, sketches and chalk drawings, the NPR Kit has been created to be used in games development, architecture, cartoon creation and a wealth of other disciplines that rely not just on photorealism.

“The NPR Kit brings familiar 2D styles back to the table,” stated Bob Bennett, VP of marketing for Luxology. “The ability to emphasise the edge, colour and pattern details of 3D models with a range of traditional looks really extends the creative options for modo designers and artists."

The NPR Kit is available with immediate effect for use with modo 601 on Mac OS X and Windows operating systems, at a suggested retail price of $199. The NPR Kit is also currently offered for $149 for a limited time.

Visit Luxology’s NPR webpage for more details and to purchase the tech at the reduced price.

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