Support for path tracer in texturing tool allows production of photorealistic renders

Substance Painter 2.0 introduces Nvidia Iray renderer and curated asset store

The next update to Allegorithmic’s Substance Painter has added a number of big features.

First up is the new presence of Nvidia’s Iray renderer, which brings the ability to produce photorealistic renders using the path tracer, without being limited to resolution or material complexity.

As well as this, Substance Painter 2.0 now features the Substance Store, a curated outlet for materials, brushes, patches, HDRIs and meshes that download directly into the user’s library.

Tools can be purchased on their own, or as part of ‘Mood Packs’ centred on particular themes such as ‘Sci-Fi Alien’ or ‘Medieval Knight’.

Creation tools new to the update include additional scanned materials, smart masks, finishing filters and tool brushes, while smudge and clone bolster the painting toolset.

Other tweaks include a full screen mode and 3D mouse support, plus improvements to image quality and normal mapping.

Creators can also now directly export to Sketchfab and ArtStation through the software’s viewport.

"Artists can now create and shed the most beautiful light on their 3D assets in the same place,” said Sébastien Deguy, Allegorithmic founder and CEO.

“With Substance Painter 2.0, all you need is a modeler and you have a complete Look Development pipeline."

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