Robomodo confirms new Activision deal and discusses expanding into other genres

Tony Hawk Ride team hint at boarding other genres

Chicago-based Robomodo may be widely rumoured as working on the sequel to Tony Hawk Ride, but the studio’s CEO David Michicich has hinted the group will turn to other genres with its new skateboard peripheral.

When asked specifically if Robomodo has other ideas for the wireless board outside the skating genre, Michicich told Develop:

“That’s really difficult to answer because we’re kind of, ah, [pause], we’re kind of, [pause], we’re doing a game with Activision and we’re not allowed to talk about it right now.”

Various job postings have indicated that Robomodo is working on a extreme sports game, though the studio continues to grow in size as publisher Activision places more faith in it. Robomodo itself was formed from the ashes EA Chicago, and already holds a solid reputation within the industry.

And the studio’s lead designer for Tony Hawk Ride, Patrick Dwyer, explained in depth how the board’s array of sensors allows it to be “extremely versatile, in terms of genre.”

Said Dwyer: “The board is extremely versatile it has two accelerometers in it so you can get any tilt value, pitch value, roll value. It has four IR sensors, so it can sense distance from the board up to waist-height, so it can tell if people put their foot past it, their hand past it. So, as far as being an input device, there’s lots of different gestures and triggers that a game can read from.”

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