But the Black Ops studio insists it wonâ??t be distracted by rivals

Treyarch: Bungie is our competition

Call of Duty Black Ops studio Treyarch believes its competition this year won’t merely be EA’s Medal of Honor rebirth – claiming that FPS veterans Bungie are also in the fray.

Speaking to Develop, Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia had very little to say about Medal of Honor – EA’s newest and most serious bid to usurp Activision’s dominance in the war-based shooter genre.

“I haven’t seen any of it,” he said in reference to the new EALA and DICE shooter.

“I can tell you that none of the competition has anything to do with what we are creating,” he added.

Meanwhile, community manager Josh Olin took a broader view:

“The competition is going to be great this year, between Medal of Honor and Halo: Reach – there’s a lot of great competition this year especially in the shooter market,” he said.

Asked if Treyarch considers Bungie to be part of the competition Lamia said:

“I think so yeah, it’s a first-person shooter, they’re all competitive.

“But it doesn’t matter,” he added. “Honestly, what we’re making is our game, and I don’t think Black Ops is going to be anything like their [EA studios’, Bungie’s] games.”

Call of Duty Black Ops, Medal of Honor and Halo Reach will all launch this year.

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