Imagination Technologies showcases zombie demo of new lighting technique

VIDEO: See PowerVR Ray Tracing at work in Unity 5

Graphics specialist Imagination Technologies has shown off its PowerVR Ray Tracing lighting tech running in Unity 5.

The video demo below debuted at Mobile World Congress this week and was built with an experimental version of Unity’s latest engine that supports Imagination’s technology. PowerVR Ray Tracing has been designed to accurately simulate how light and reflections are transported around a scene.

“In the clip, we’re showing how the PowerVR GR6500 GPU can easily cope with fully dynamic geometry,” the company wrote on its blog. “This is because the PowerVR Wizard architecture features a dedicated scene hierarchy generator that receives data directly from the shading output. 

“The Unity engine performs dynamic skinning to animate the zombies using a vertex shader, and then the vertex positions are fed into the scene hierarchy generator to assemble the scene acceleration structure in real-time.”

You can check out the zombie demo below:

Imagination Technologies also released a video of a short game developed in Unity 5 that demonstrates ray-traced reflections:

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