Dota 2’s Duelling Fates update is now live

Dota’s 7.07 update, known as the Duelling Fates update, is now live.

This is one of the biggest patches for the last year or so, bringing two new heroes, four reworked heroes, a new matchmaking system and a new talent tree for nearly every hero in the game. Also joining the part in the 1.8gb patch is Dota Turbo, a faster game mode that promises quicker games and an easier mode for new players to learn the game and the heroes.

There isn’t really a headline change here, with every change as important as the next. It’s a complete reshuffle that is probably deserving of an 8.0 tag, if Valve were that way inclined.

The new heroes are Pangolier and Dark Willow. Pangolier is a melee hero with escape abilities, a strong defensive skillset and a variety of other features that are definitely going to see him get nerfed sharpish. Dark Willow is a ranged support hero with strong crowd control abilities that can see her root, stun and fear her enemies.

In addition to the changes above, there are map changes, armour changes and really just so much new stuff.

Personally, i’m also excited about the forthcoming changes to ranked play which will see MMR be dished out over six month segments rather than permanent. Finally, a chance to recalibrate your MMR. Useful when you’ve gotten worse over time and are trying to avoid having to compete at 3,000 MMR without a hope of success.

Read the full patch notes here. By the time you’ve finished it, chances are Valve will release a new patch before you’ve gotten to the bottom of things.

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