Unikrn launch own cryptocurrency for esports betting: Unikoingold

Esports betting outfit Unikrn has announced its own cryptocurrency: UnikoinGold.

Unikrn has had ‘Unikoin’, a digital currency specific to the site that betters use, since 2015. UnikoinGold will be bigger, sitting on the Ethereum blockchain as a genuine cryptocurrency. The Ethereum blockchain is significant here because it’ll mean that the currency will be tradeable on marketplaces for Ethereum.

The new currency was revealed by Unikrn founder and CEO Rahul Sood. In a statement posted to Linkedin, Sood mentioned “After exceeding a quarter of a billion Unikoins turned, we knew it was time to introduce our cryptocurrency – #UnikoinGold. We are announcing what will be one of the world’s largest token sale for UnikoinGold, a cryptocurrency based on ERC20 which will trade on all the major crypto exchanges shortly after the initial token sale.”

Initial sales of the currency will be taking place in a couple of months. Right now, you can see the countdown to when the first tokens for the currency will be on sale. It’s at https://unikoingold.com/and the timer is currently at 88:06:00. You can visit the website to get notified shortly before release.

If esports companies are starting to launch their own cryptocurrency, it’s interesting to see how pervasive this will become. It’s unlikely we’ll see a de facto esports currency, most financial prizes in esports are measured in $, but it’s interesting to see whether this catches on as a currency for esports betting, even if it’s just through Unikrn.

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