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Stringer: PS3 and PSP install base passes 60m

Howard Stringer, the CEO of Sony, told the audience at the firm’s Consumer Electronics Show presentation in Las Vegas that the combined global userbase for its PS3 and PSP consoles now stands at 61.3 million. Edge Online also reports that SCE CEO Kaz Hirai added that $1m worth of virtual …

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US: Wii install base races ahead of 360

New stats from North American firm NPD and Deutsche Bank show that Nintendo’s Wii console has overturned the Xbox 360’s 12 month start on the marketplace to lead the installed hardware race by nearly two million units. GameDaily reports that the Wii has now sold 13.4 million units in North …

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360 to overtake Xbox install base

Platform holder Microsoft has predicted that it’s Xbox 360 console will surpass sales of the firm’s debut console outing, the Xbox, by the end of the month. Edge Online reports that Mindy Mount, CFO of the firm’s Entertainment & devices Division, told the audience at the recent BMO Capital Markets …

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