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Parallax 3D ‘will transform handheld gaming’

Blitz Games Studios CTO Andrew Oliver believes that Nintendo would be right to use parallax Barrier tech for its new handheld, the 3DS. Speaking to Develop, the industry veteran said he was very excited” that Nintendo is working on a new 3D handheld. It doesn’t matter about how the screen …

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Devs divided on Natals prospects

This week’s Develop Jury Service has seen conflicting views from the development community, with both praise and concerns expressed on the potential of Natal. And while the praise was glowing, with some developers claiming that Natal will create new genres, others remain confused on what to expect from the motion- …

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TDR reveals in-store marketing blitz

Total Disc Repair is to ramp up awareness for its disc cleaning machines with an in-store marketing campaign. The firm will release posters, counter boards, flyers, t-shirts, mugs and floor displays into independent retail, and have also created two consumer websites. The first site, playlikenew.com, promotes the benefits of disc …

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