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Blitz: No discs for PS4/Xbox720

Platform holders’ desire to gain complete control of the software retail chain will mean that the next generation of home consoles will not include any capacity for digital media, developer Blitz Games Studios has stated. Let’s be honest, a lot of us have got smart phones,” CEO Philip Oliver told …

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Sitting down with Kinect how MS beat the problem

The can it/can’t it debate surrounding Kinect’s ability to recognise seated players has finally been put to rest with Blitz Games co-founder Andrew Oliver revealing that a simple change to the camera’s software has eradicated any potential problems. Speaking to Eurogamer, Oliver explained that Kinect would use the bottom of …

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Studios flock to capture RTW staff

SCEE has sent a team of nine artists, programmers, designers and recruiters to the Apex hotel in Dundee to conduct interviews with affected staff at Realtime Worlds. Over 150 staff at APB studio Realtime Worlds have been made redundant, the firm’s new administrator confirmed yesterday. Along with Blitz, The Creative …

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