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“We’re looking to build long term relationships with people here” – Frontier’s David Braben on launching a major UK publisher

David Braben

Frontier has launched its third-party publishing arm: Frontier Foundry. With an eclectic initial lineup, the developer turned self-publisher is looking to create the first big UK publisher in many a year

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David Braben urges VR caution

Another significant industry figure has warned that we cannot yet be certain what extent virtual reality will succeed in the market. "I’m afraid, as an industry, about VR and how it will play out. It has that slightly ‘bandwagon’ feel about it,” Elite creator David Braben told Videogamer. VR is …

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Frontier reassessing some refund requests as Elite: Dangerous outrage persists

David Braben has said that Frontier is re-assessing some of the refund requests it declined in the wake of Elite: Dangerous’ online U-turn. The company earlier this week faced a backlash for dropping the game’s offline mode but yesterday said it would only refund customers who had not yet already …

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Frontier starts offering Elite: Dangerous refunds over online furore

Some owners of Elite: Dangerous who are unhappy with the recent ditching of the game’s offline mode are being offered refunds. However, the only customers who are eligible are those who pre-ordered the final game and have therefore not yet played it. Anyone who has already played the alpha or …

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