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Written in Blood: The Return of Fighting Fantasy

This week’s most notable game release doesn’t come on disc and isn’t a download – it’s Ian Livingstone’s new Fighting Fantasy. MCV quizzed him about about keeping the series relevant in the age of Twitter and iOS. Before he was a trusted source for government chancellors, before he was the …

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Music maestros sought for GamesAid Christmas concert

GamesAid is on the hunt for aspiring singers and classic music talent to take part in the games industry’s first-ever Christmas concert. The event – set up between senior figures in the games industry – will take place at London’s St Stephen’s Rosslyn Hall on Wednesday, December 19th. And hidden …

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Sports Interactive breaks silence on Eidos split

Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson has finally revealed the reasons behind the developer’s split from its publisher Eidos. The Football Manager developer ditched Eidos in 2003, leaving the publisher with the Championship Manager IP but taking the talent behind the successful franchise. Championship Manager subsequently was handed to new internal …

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