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What did you miss from the London Games Conference?

Last night’s London Games Conference was another jam-packed event filled with incredible insight on how to discover, sell and even make games. We had the social giants Twitter, Twitch, Facebook and Google on stage, plus some incredible insight and lessons from the likes of Michael Pachter, CCP’s David Reid and …

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LGC: Showing your game too early could be disastrous

Hit Detection founder and former games critic N’Gai Croal urges developers and publishers to be patient when reaching out to players. Showing your game too early before launch can be disastrous, warns N’Gai Croal. During London Games Conference 2013, the Hit Detection founder and former games journalist discussed the importance …

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LGC: 10.1m people illegally downloaded Football Manager 2013

Football Manager boss Miles Jacobson has revealed the true extent of video game piracy on PC. 10.1m people have illegally downloaded Football Manager 2013, he said on stage at London Games Conference 2013. The game was cracked on May 12th this year, but the crack featured a flaw called Home, …

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LGC: PEGI unveils International Age Rating Coalition

PEGI has detailed a new rating system due to be rolled out worldwide. Simon Little, PEGI MD, detailed the International Age Rating Coalition for the first time at this year’s London Games Conference. The new system will be deployed as a single online form, which will see developers and publishers …

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LGC: The indie developer revolution is over

The indie revolution is over, and PlayStation is embracing the new world it has created. That’s according to SCEE’s head of strategic content Shahid Ahmad, who discussed the transition during his keynote at London Games Conference 2013. "People say the indie revolution is only just beginning," Ahmad said. "It’s not. …

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