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What did you miss from the London Games Conference?

Last night’s London Games Conference was another jam-packed event filled with incredible insight on how to discover, sell and even make games. We had the social giants Twitter, Twitch, Facebook and Google on stage, plus some incredible insight and lessons from the likes of Michael Pachter, CCP’s David Reid and …

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LGC: ‘MMO is dead, except for EVE: Online,’ says CCP Games

CCP Games prepares the launch of the MMO’s twentieth expansion. David Reid, CMO at CCP Games says the franchise is continuing to grow despite the declining state of rival MMO titles. He confessed that never accepting a game is finished is key to ensuring its long-term success. If you want …

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LGC: 73% of console gamers use Facebook

73 per cent of all console game owners use Facebook, claims the social network’s head of EMEA for gaming Tarquin Henderson. Speaking at the London Games Conference 2013, Henderson said that of these,42 per cent of returned to the site daily. He also revealed stats that showed Facebook currently boasts …

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LGC: ‘People want videos, not written reviews,’ says Twitch

Consumers are switching off their TVs to watch gamers play the latest releases on the platform, says Twitch. Stuart Saw, regional director of EMEA at Twitch took to the stage at the London Games Conference 2013 to highlight how gamers are turning to Twitch for their gaming content. People want …

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