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Miyamoto hints at Wii Music 2

Wii Music 2 could be on the cards despite the Wii original not meeting Nintendo’s expectations when it arrived two years ago. Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto has said that Nintendo is working on a new interface for Wii Music, and mentioned that Mario himself could make an appearance. In an …

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Miyamoto: ‘My best is yet to come’

World-renowned games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has said his best work is yet to come, and the challenge of building the next line of consoles comes down to how unique Nintendo can make theirs. In an interview with GamesTM he said: In the past five years I’ve been working on such …

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Natal doesnt worry us, says Miyamoto

Shigeru Miyamoto has brushed off the threat to Wii from Project Natal and PS3’s motion control system – claiming he is confident that Nintendo will once again discover ‘something unique’ for its next console. Speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine in its special 50th edition, Miyamoto said that Microsoft and Sony’s …

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