Microsoft adding tournament features to Xbox One, launching $100,000 Killer Instinct Tour

Microsoft has used E3 week to announce new eSports related features for the Xbox One and a $100,000 Killer Instinct competition.

At its press conference on Monday the platform holder announced Xbox Arena, a new set of features coming to the Xbox One that will allow people to sign up for, compete in and watch tournaments across a variety of games.

This will help people get into eSports at a grassroots level, something that has always been a challenge in the past. First party Microsoft titles will be supported, with other titles such as EA’s sports franchises coming to Xbox Arena at an unconfirmed time.

After the press conference Microsoft also announced the new Ultra Tour, a $100,000 Killer Instinct competition that will culminate with the Killer Instinct World Cup. Few specific details were given on the event, but Ultra Arcade, who run the World Cup, Evo and FACE IT were all announced as partners, which would suggest that Evo, and online events will make up some of the tour dates. More info on the tour is set be be unveiled in the comming weeks.

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