Critical Path: August 2022 – Highlights for the month ahead!

Here are the key upcoming events and releases to mark in your calendar for August 2022.

Behaviour Beyond Showcase

August 3, 2022

Behaviour Interactive is turning 30, and to celebrate the studio behind games like Dead By Daylight and Jurassic World: Primal Ops is going to tell everyone about all of their upcoming slate of video games in the format made popular by Nintendo Direct. If you’d like to watch, you can tune in and view it live at 5:30 BST over on

Two Point Campus

August 9, 2022

Two Point Studios looks likely to cement itself a reputation for being the leaders of the modern management genre, avoiding the seemingly obvious Two Point Park follow-up for the far more interesting sounding Two Point Campus. With this release, the team is definitely showing that their game design is more flexible than some might have given them credit for after their Theme Hospital spiritual successor. Two Point Dungeon next, anyone?

Arcade Paradise

August 11, 2022

It looks like we’re getting two business sims for the price of one with Arcade Paradise, as we fight to keep a launderette in business while simultaneously building up a lively video game arcade. With over 35 playable arcade games to choose from, Wired Productions and Nosebleed Interactive are sure to present players with plenty to do as they bring new customers in at the King Wash.

Marvel’s Spider-Man (PC)

August 12, 2022

The best game on the PlayStation 4 is about to come to Windows PCs after around four years of being a Sony console exclusive. You all know who Spider-Man is and what he’s about, so we won’t give you the hard sell. We would however suggest that you play this one with the ray tracing on, as seeing the real-time reflections in all of the glossy New York windows is simply phenomenal.


August 16, 2022

Roll7 has another skating based title on the way, this time in the form of a third person shooter where the gun-toting protagonist wears rollerblades. Set in the year 2030, the skater-shooter will have players perform tricks while shooting enemies in an ominous and dystopian championship that brings new meaning to the phrase ‘skate or die’. Will you be able to find out the Matterhorn Corporation’s secrets?


August 18-20, 2022

Microsoft’s Quakecon event returns this month, bringing with it celebrations of all things id Software. This year’s event is online only once again, and the company has not really said what to expect. We’re hoping that they have some news to share on upcoming shooter projects, as it’s been a bit quiet on that front since Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part Two released back in March 2021.

Madden NFL 23

August 20, 2022

The American football simulation game Madden NFL returns for another annual game release this month, bringing with it the usual accuracy improvements, graphics changes and team roster updates. John Madden himself has been made the cover star to commemorate his death back in December 2021. This is the first time he’s been on the cover since Madden NFL 2000, so it’s been quite a while. If you’re the nostalgic sort then you should pick up the “All Madden” edition, which has an alternate cover referencing the original 1988 John Madden Football box art.

Saints Row

August 23, 2022

The Saints Row reboot gets away from the superpowers and magical demons, taking a ‘back to crime’ approach as the Boss tries to be the baddest gang leader in Santo Ileso. If you want to have your custom Boss ready to go to war ahead of time, you can download the Saints Row Boss Factory right now from any of the stores where the game will be available. It’s worth taking a look at that even if you aren’t going to play the game, as some of the things that people have done with the new character creator are frankly incredible.


August 23-25, 2022

The Computer Entertainment Developers Conference will take place this month in Yokohama, Japan at the Pacifico Yokohama convention complex. The Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (the group behind the event) promises that CEDEC 23 will bring together both developers and other industry members to exchange information and ideas and further the industry itself – a bit like a Japanese version of GDC. The event is also the home of the CEDEC Awards show.


August 24-28, 2022


If you’ve missed consuming plates of pork knuckle doused in hot mustard four nights in a row, the return of gamescom can’t come soon enough. For those more averse to the arguably limited culinary delights of Cologne, there at least will be plenty of games on the menu for what will be the first fully in-person return of the world’s biggest games show since 2019. All eyes will be on Bethesda and Xbox, although Ubisoft, SEGA and 2K are also on the roster. The highlight for us however is that MCV/DEVELOP will also be in attendance, so do pay us a visit.

Insomnia Gaming Festival

August 26-29, 2022

If you decide to scoot back from gamescom before the madness of the weekend takes hold, you should have plenty of time to catch most of Insomnia Gaming Festival numero 69 at the NEC Birmingham. Promising to go “bigger and harder” than before, i69 will feature a familiarly-eclectic mix of events and booths, from the event’s signature LAN halls, to its on-stage cosplay and content creators sessions. We might pop along, if only to witness the full-on rumpus of having 60 Fall Guys players in the same room.

F1 Manager

August 30, 2022

It seems a no-brainer that if football fans can have a new FIFA and Football Manager every year, then Formula One petrolheads can also have a sports simulation and a tactical strategy game too. Codemasters has of course been handling the former for several years, with F1 22 coming out last month. Now Frontier is set to release the first official Formula One management game in 22 years. Has the creator of Planet Coaster done enough to get pole position? The lack of competition says yes. We’ll find out soon enough.

Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed

August 30, 2022

Destroy All Humans! 2 is set in 1969, which is ten years after the first game. It tells the tale of Cryptosporidium-138 as he seeks revenge against the Soviet Union for dropping a nuke on the Furon mothership. Much like the first Destroy All Humans! remake, this modern version makes the THQ game prettier than ever, meaning that you’ll really appreciate all the carnage you’ll get to cause as you play through the irreverent story.

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