LittleBigPlanet 2 blows UGC apart

Sony’s long-rumoured LittleBigPlanet 2 has finally been revealed courtesy of US mag Game Informer – and it looks to take the template laid out by the first game and take it to levels way beyond what onlookers have predicted.

Whereas the first title placed the emphasis on player’s creating new levels within the platforming template, LBP2 allows players to create entire games. And not just platformers either – genres created in testing include racers, shooters, puzzle games and even RPGs.

One Media Molecule developer has reportedly managed to create a Command & Conquer clone.

The level of customisation even extends to elements such as the HUD or the controls. Every element of the design has dedicated editing options. For example, ‘direct control seats’ allow users to assign custom controls for in-game vehicles of characters. Rudimentary AI routines are also programmable, so certain behaviour – such as an aversion to heights – can be instilled in the on-screen populous.

Users will be able to control their own sound effects and assign them to characters or objects and movie editing options will be included.

There will also be innovative ways of sharing UGC. QR codes can be shared with friends, or even printed onto objects. They can then be scanned by a PlayStation Eye camera. The PS3 will then automatically download the associated content. Those without a PSEye will be able to use smartphones to preview content and add them to download queues.

DLC from the first game will be transferable to the sequel.

It sounds like one of the most ambitious projects ever seen in the console sector. Expect loads more information at E3 next month.

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