Mobile startup debuts iOS game livestreaming in Japan and Korea

Kamcord has beaten Twitch and YouTube Gaming to the iOS streaming race.

While Android game streaming is possible with some apps, including Google’s recent YouTube Gaming, iOS users have until now been left out in the lurch.

Now VentureBeat reports that Kamcord has debuted its livestreaming app in Japan and Korea, complete with partnerships with some of the region’s top Minecraft and Puzzle & Dragons players.

We’re already seeing a huge amount of downloads from non-English speakers, so we want to be super aggressive with expanding internationally,” Kamcord developer Adi Rathnam said. We already had the teams in Japan and Korea, which is why we picked those two countries to start with. But they also happen to be two of the biggest mobile gaming markets.

Google’s native stuff — we haven’t seen a lot of traction for that. You often see zero livestreams for mobile games on YouTube, meanwhile all the top Clash of Clan streamers are on Kamcord. Most surprisingly, our app is ranking ahead of YouTube Gaming on iOS and Google Play.”

Admittedly, any livestreaming startup faces a tough time trying to fend off the entrenched Twitch userbase and Google’s brand power, but room definitely remains in the market for a mobile service to breakthrough and make the most of its head start over the established players.

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