Valve to license 3D-printed merchandise from Shapeways

Independent designers will now be able to create and sell Valve-related merchandise via 3D printing firm Shapeways’ marketplace thanks to a new partnership between the two companies.

Announced on Shapeways’ website, this licensing deal will allow fans to create 3D prints of their designs based on any IP from Valve, from Dota 2 to CS:GO, Portal or Team Fortress 2, without being worried about legal takedowns. Creators just have to design their models, upload it to Shapeways’ website and the firm will take care of the 3D printing, with multiple tutorials available on said website for those who are just beginning to learn to design for 3D printing.

Shapeways will automatically deduct a 10% royalty from sales of merchandise connected to the game franchises and send them to Valve,” the firm said.

Starting today, you can take advantage of a new Valve licensing agreement on Shapeways. This will not only allow you to create merch around any of Valve’s games and game assets, but also mods and accessories forhardwarelike theSteam Controllerand Steam Link,” the announcement further read. We’ll feature the best of your Valve and Steam-related designs on theShapeways + Valve hub, and we’ll be promoting some of your most amazing designs in Shapeways Magazine and on social media. We’re already seeing some cool merch inspired by Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, and Portal, but we know you’re just getting started.”

Shapeways CEO Tom Finn commented: Shapeways is excited to enable our design community to fully explore their passion for the Valve universe. Never before has it been so easy for designers and fans to make physical objects based on their favorite games.We’re thrilled that Valve has decided to embrace and empower its fan community in this way, and we’re confident it will pave the way for a new movement in companies engaging with fandoms.”

Pictured top: Sniper from DOTA 2 by designer Bilal Khan of Miniature Den

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