UBIDAYS ’08: Ubisoft has its Day in the sun

Publisher Ubisoft threw down the Q4 gauntlet by showcasing its major Q4 titles at UbiDays 2008.

With seven new Games For Everyone titles unveiled for the first time alongside more details on its forthcoming Prince of Persia, Tom Clancy, Rayman and Snowboarding SKUs, the French publisher staked its claim for peak period supremacy this year.

But in terms of sheer numbers, it would seem Ubisoft has heavily backed Nintendo formats, with a grand total of seven new Games for Everyone titles set for release between now and Christmas, joining previously announced titles like Farm Life, Animal Genius and Fashion Dogz.

The new slew of casual titles were complimented by heavyweight next-gen hitters Tom Clancy’s Hawx and Prince of Persia, as Ubisoft also revealed what could become its own Tony Hawk-on-ice franchise, Shaun White Snowboarding, and another fun-packed Rayman Raving Rabbids minigame compilation.

Ubisoft’s release schedule for Q4 is as follows:

Midnight Play Pack – DS – June 6th
Stratego – DS – June 6th
Emergency Heroes – Wii – June 13th
My Health Coach: Weight – DS – June 20th
Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword – DS – June 27th
Farm Life – DS – July 4th
Animal Genius – DS – July 4th
Fashion Dogz – DS – July 25th
Imagine Girl Band – DS – July
Soul Calibur IV – 360/PS3 – August 8th
Imagine Figure Skating – DS – August
Brothers In Arms 3: Highway – PC, PS3, 360 – August
Brothers in Arms: Double Time – Wii – August
Soul Calibur Legends – Wii – Q2
Tom Clancy’s Hawx – PS3, 360, PC – Autumn
Petz Dogz Wii – Wii – Autumn
Imagine Fashion Model – DS – Autumn
Imagine Teacher – DS – Autumn
Allen Carr’s: Stop Smoking – DS – 2008
Prince of Persia – PS3, 360, PC, DS – Holiday 2008
Raving Rabbids TV Party – Wii, DS – Holiday 2008
Shaun White Snowboarding – TBC – Holiday 2008
Babies Party – TBC – TBC

Next week’s MCV will feature an in-depth report from the event itself, with interviews from key Ubisoft execs.

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