The Bits + Pixels Agency will now represent Pearl Abyss’ game Black Desert in Europe and the US

The video game and geek culture specialist agency Bits + Pixels will now represent the open-world action MMORPG title Black Desert in Europe and America in regards to merchandise licensing and collaborations with other brands. 

Black Desert is developed by Pearl Abyss, a developer from South Korea that has steadily been building its footprint in the international market. The game is currently available in over 150 countries, and is currently playable in 12 languages. They are currently also working on other upcoming titles, including Crimson Desert, DokeV, and PLAN 8.

Bits + Pixels is a boutique agency that specialises in working with companies that want to interact with the video game industry and its vast and varied audience. Their main focuses at present as a company are on merchandise licensing, brand collaborations, producing events and making connections between companies and online influencers. 

“We are truly excited to get started on developing a licensing and brand collaboration programme for Black Desert,” said Sandra Arcan at Bits and Pixels. “This unique and beautiful fantasy world is one that has refined its core experience over the years to become one of the most respected and popular titles in its genre, with new and returning players plus a diverse array of influential content creators sinking hundreds of hours into this immersive and continually finessed gaming universe.” 

“There is so much to draw inspiration from in terms of consumer products, not least a cast of quirky characters that you meet along the way, and there is great, so far unmet, demand from the player population for some beautifully designed, must-have products.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Bits and Pixels Agency to expand the reach of Black Desert across Europe and USA,” added Shawn Kong, head of business development at Pearl Abyss. “This partnership will open exciting opportunities to bring the world of Black Desert to life through unique and high-quality collaborations. By working closely with Bits and Pixels Agency, we look forward to creating a compelling programme for our dedicated community of Adventurers.”

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