The Ukraine Pavilion will make its first appearance at gamescom 2023

Ukraine’s games industry has announced that it will have an official booth presence at the gamescom industry trade show for the first time ever at next week’s conference.

The Ukraine Pavilion is organised by the VG Entertainment studio, the Games Gathering conference and the GDBAY platform. Well-known studios, recent games start-ups and indie developers will all share a 100 m2 space, which will put a spotlight on Ukrainian achievements, showcase its gaming innovations and intends to attract foreign investment. 

Companies currently involved with The Ukraine Pavilion at gamescom include 4A Games (Metro), Frogwares (Sherlock Holmes), GSC Game World (S.T.A.L.K.E.R.) as well as many others of various sizes from around the region.

“With this pavilion, we aim to showcase the remarkable resilience of the Ukrainian games industry. Even amidst the challenges of war, our businesses have not only persevered but have also unleashed unprecedented creativity,” said Elena Lobova, co-founder at GDBAY.

“Our journey has moulded us into a nation uniquely skilled at navigating unexpected challenges, making Ukrainian companies adaptable and reliable business partners. We invite the world to experience this resilience, to recognize the benefits of collaborating with Ukrainian companies, and to emphasise the vital importance of international support for Ukraine.”

If you’d like to visit The Ukraine Pavilion booth, you can find it in the business zone of Hall 3.2 [C-050G to D-051G]. If you want to know more about it, you can find additional information on it over on the official Games Ukraine website.

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