Who have advertisers been targeting in 2012?

We investigate the target demographics for the Top Ten TV game campaigns of 2012, up to February 19th.

The higher each bubble is on the vertical axis below, the more male-targeted the campaign is. The further to the left on the graph, the younger the campaign’s target demographic. The size of the bubble indicates the cumulative commercial individual TVRs each campaign has recorded. A TVR represents one per cent of a target audience.

Being an 18-rated game,The Darkness II is one of the oldest-targeted campaigns in the Top Ten. It is the most male oriented, reflecting the FPS audience.

Targeting can have implications for the cost of a campaign. Males aged between 16 and 34 years old (Star Wars: The Old Republic’s target group), are one of the audiences with the highest cost per thousand people.

Younger audiences such as kids – targeted by the largest campaign of the year so far, Mario & Sonic at the 2012 Olympics – are amongst the most efficient to target. This is reflected by the relative size of the bubbles.

So a campaign with the most TVRs doesn’t necessarily mean the most budget was deployed on it.

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