Anonymous Bioware Mythic insider rails against studio owners

Now â??EA Louseâ?? speaks out

An anonymous Bioware Mythic insider set to be laid off in November has posted a scathing blog post, aimed at the studio’s owners EA and under the psudonym of EA Louse.

In a direct reference to 2004’s EA Spouse debacle, the poster has attacked business practices at EA, individually picking out percieved failures in each of the Warhammer Online project management members.

“We shut up and did what we were told, by people too afraid to tackle real problems. It is a culture of fear,” EA Louse writes in a post called ‘Why Warhammer Failed’.

“All of them failed, badly, in Warhammer, and each of them is in a position of authority in the new company, while the rest of us are facing pink slips.”

Studio executive producer Jeff Hickman, group general manager Rob Denton, general manager Eugene Evans and an unnamed ‘boss’ all come in for caustic assults on their individual work ethics and characters.

Former Mythic CEO Mark Jacob’s leaving of the firm upon its merger with Bioware in 2009 is mentioned, with heavy implications made as to those involved.

The poster also seems to ‘out’ an upcoming EA Ultima ressurection project for Facebook that is the brainchild of Mythic’s creative director Paul Barnett. This revelation comes only a few weeks after Barnett expressed his wish to see the Wing Commander series re-released via Twitter.

Finally, EA Louse brings into question the development practices on yet-to-be-released Bioware MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.

All in all, quite a hit-list. The full blog post can be read here.

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