Graphics card maker pledges ‘no catch’ support for lesser-known games by exposing them to its community

Nvidia shines spotlight on smaller devs with new Indie Spotlight programme

Nvidia is to extend some of the same promotional support it offers triple-A studios to up-and-coming independent creators.

The graphics card manufacturer has long bundled major releases with its latest PC hardware, with titles such as The Witcher III, Batman Arkham Knight, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Hitman all accompanying its GeForce range of products in the past.

Now, indie games will similarly be included with specific cards and laptops, starting with Gambitious’ Hard Reset Redux and Starbreeze’s Dead by Daylight (pictured) as part of a new indie bundle.

Nvidia added that it would utilise its GeForce Now game streaming service, retail channel partners, press channels and GeForce social media channels to get the word out to its community about smaller developers.

“Whether you’re a talented first-time game developer or part of a team of former triple-A devs striking out on your own, we want GeForce gamers to know about your game,” it explained in its announcement, vowing that the initiative would be “All upside, no catch”.

Every game selected will receive a dedicated mini website and a feature article, eventually growing an indie subcategory on the GeForce website.

Developers can register to be part of the Indie Spotlight initiative now, with Nvidia curating the titles that ultimately make it through the programme.

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