QA outfit moves to more clearly define the services it offers

Testronic debuts new brand identity

Quality assurance, compliance and localisation specialist Testronic has reworked its brand identity to more clearly define the range of services it offers.

The change is focused around a new logo designed to ‘communicate the quality and integrity of the company’s business lines and services’, with four colour coded ticks denoting the outfit’s Games, Film & TV, Digital TV and Software divisions.

“The new branding is much simpler, with our four coloured ticks for our four very clearly defined business lines,” confirmed Becky Walker, Testronic’s director of games business development, speaking to Develop. “The simplicity enables us to communicate and distinguish between the business lines for our marketing, internal communications and for our customer’s understanding.”

“This is an exciting time in Testronic’s history,” stated Mike McGarvey, Testronic CEO, in a statement to the press. “We are restructuring for further growth and the new brand development is an important part of this. It will allow us to clearly communicate the range of services that Testronic offers and assist internal communication across our business lines.”

The brand reworking comes as Testronic has enjoyed a particularly successful period, with games work proving an important part of the company’s overall model.

“Games is very important for Testronic, as is our work with film and TV, software and digital TV,” stated Walker. “Many of the divisions have grown and our games management team is now made up of many industry veterans. We’ve made a huge investment in not just mobile hardware handsets, but also our software teams are putting a lot of effort into our technology behind our mobile testing. We’ve also put a lot into intelligence compatibility programs for mobile.”
The new logo is accompanied by the supporting strapline ‘Our assurance is your guarantee,’ pitched as ‘a positive commitment to the customer’.

Testronic is currently increasing the volume of next generation games work it embraces, and while the nature of the team’s work means that they must keep their cards close to their chests in terms of exact project details, Walker highlighted how key to the business’ future platforms like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be.

“The next generation of consoles are important to us and we’re hugely excited about them,” she said. “We’re already in contact with the hardware manufacturers, developers and publishers talking about projects and hardware. At the same time we’ve also picked up a lot of mobile testing business, working with the social games market and MMO titles as well.”

For more details visit the company’s official website.

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