Overwatch League fans can unlock in-game items by watching live games on Twitch

Twitch has revealed a suite of fan incentives for watching the Overwatch League on the platform. With the start of Stage Two of the tournament, viewers will receive League Tokens within Overwatch by watching matches. These can be spent on hero skins emblazoned with their favourite team’s colours. Or even their least favourite, depending on how masochistic they’re feeling.

Every match a viewer watches, once they’ve linked their Battle Net and Twitch accounts, will net them a League Token, though “some lucky viewers will get 100 tokens for every final map they watch per match”, according to the official announcement. Twitch is further incentivising participation by rewarding those who use the service’s ‘cheering’ features to show off their fandom. Doing so will unlock Twitch emotes for their personal use, but also contribute to a larger cheering target which will unlock new skins in Overwatch itself.

A leaderboard will show which teams are receiving the most cheers, which turns supporting one’s favourite team into something of a game in itself. All of this seems like a great way to get viewers engaged with the Overwatch League, though Twitch promises that even more features coming soon. This includes a VIP pass, along with the ability “to unlock even more in-game items, behind-the-scenes video content on Twitch, and tons of other perks”. More details on that are due soon. Ish.

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