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Monument Valley hits 26m downloads

Popular mobile puzzle game Monument Valley is now two years old, and total downloads across all major mobile platforms has now surpassed 26m. 3m were racked up in the first year, meaning the game was downloaded a whopping 23m times between April 3rd, 2015 and April 3rd, 2016. Despite being …

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Miitomo passes 1m downloads

Nintendo’s first foray into the world of smartphone gaming is off to a decent start. Since its release in Japan on March 17th Nintendo’s Miitomo app has already been downloaded over 1m times, claiming the top spot in Japan’s free iOS app charts, Bloomberg reports. Shares in Nintendo jumped 8.2 …

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Game downloads added to ONS inflation index

The revenue generated by game downloads has officially become one of the measures by which the Office of National Statistics measures UK inflation. The ONS has a ‘shopping basket’ of goods that it tracks, with price changes used to gauge how inflation is shifting in the UK. City AM reports …

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