It appears the end is nigh for PlayStation TV

Sony has discontinued the PlayStation TV in Japan, a little over two years after the machine first debuted in the territory.

Game Informer reports that the news was revealed on the device’s official Sony product page.

The future of the console began looking especially bleak in November when it was slashed to just $19.99 in US, representing a 75 per cent saving over its $80 RRP.

The reveal of the PlayStation Vita TV, as it was called at the time, wasgreeted with great excitementback in September 2013. The machine evensold out on Amazon Japanwhen it was made available for pre-order.

However, a little over a year later it became clear that things weren’t panning out well for the device, with$20 shaved off both SKUsin the US. A month later some retailers were evengiving the machine awaywith some PS4 console purchases.

In March of this year Sony slashed its UK price from 84.99all the way down to 44.99but again, the console soon found itselfbeing handed out for nothingwith some PS4s.

In June of this year Sony Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida admitted the devicedidn’t capture the consumers’ imagination”.

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