HTC Vive virtual reality headset priced at £689 in the UK

A second VR headset now has an official UK price.

HTC has announced how the $800 it is charging for Vive in the US will translate on this side of the pond. The number it has produced? 689.

By today’s exchange rate $800 is worth about 576, so that’s a pretty steep premium. The European price will be €899.

In January it was announced that the Oculus Rift will cost 499 (and $599 in the US).

For the money HTC Vive buyers will get a headset, two wireless controllers, two room sensors and copies of Job Simulator, Fantastic Contraption and Tilt Brush.

You can pre-order HTC Vive now, with shipments kicking off in April. Oculus Rift is due to start shipping in March. It looks as if Sony might announce a price and release date for PlayStation VR next month.

UPDATE: As Tweeted by 22Cans’ Colin Gallacher, shipping for the Vive for UK buyers comes out at a mighty 57.60, bringing the actual total to 746.60. Three quarters of a grand.

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