The new MCV/DEVELOP Awards – bringing the whole industry together – where you get to vote for the winners!

Today we’re announcing the all-new MCV/DEVELOP Awards for 2020.

Following our recent name change, we’ve taken the chance to entirely revamp the awards based on industry feedback over the last couple of years. That means: new categories, no time-consuming entries and an industry-wide voting system. All culminating in the awards ceremony on the 5th of March.


For starters we’ve taken the very best parts of the MCV Awards and Develop Awards and brought them together into a single event. There’s no neat divide anymore between the various aspects of the industry and our new lineup of 18 categories will bring everyone together on one night – as no one can succeed without every part of our multifaceted business.

The new awards will recognise talent, innovation, achievement, growth and cultural impact. Across development, publishing, retail, marketing, communications and media.


As an industry we’re busier than ever, more games, bigger audiences, greater opportunities. That means you don’t have time to fill out lengthy entry forms and get sign off from endless departments before sharing your data with us.

So we’ve switched up the system, and we’ll instead be relying on independent panels of industry experts to build the shortlist in each and every category – using their knowledge to identify the teams that have had outstanding success in 2019. Getting shortlisted is already a big recognition of your team’s efforts throughout the year.

That shortlisting process begins now and we’ll announce the shortlists in early January. A member from each panel will be there on the night to present an award in person. We’ve started recruiting judges, but if you think you can help then please get in touch.


The experts are shortlisting then, but choosing the actual winner will be down to you, the readers of MCV/DEVELOP.

We’ll be putting the shortlists to an online vote, where print subscribers of the magazine will be able to enter their subscription numbers (check the wrapper of your latest issue for that) and vote in categories appropriate to their area of expertise.

Please note, votes for your own game or company, or those you have commercial ties with, will be discounted and your print subscription cancelled. Our moderators will be making random checks on the winning votes in every category.


Of course some things aren’t changing. The timing for starters – 5th of March this year. The awards recognise your efforts across the entire of 2019, giving us a couple of months to take stock of the year, tally the votes and prepare everything for the best industry party of the year.

Speaking of which, if you have any ideas for entertainment or the perfect host then please drop us a line over the next week or so and let us know, we’re always looking for new ideas to make the evening a very special celebration of the industry.

Tables for the MCV/DEVELOP Awards 2020 are available to book now. And there’s an early bird discount from now until the end of the year.


Yes, it’s maybe not the best time of the year to be launching an election! But we think this one will have a fairer outcome than that other thing on the 12th – with every vote counting. If you have any queries then please drop me an email at

For more information (and to book tables with an early bird discount) head over to MCV/DEVELOP Awards.

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