Women in Games’ next annual global conference will take place in October

Women in Games has announced that its next virtual conference will take place next month.

Taking place on the HopIn online platform on October 10, 2023, it will examine the idea and reality of disruption, and will ask questions about disrupting the existing norms within video games, as well as making the games industry a fairer, more progressive place in the future for women in games and esports.  

Research topics covered by the event will include salary transparency, accountability, mental health challenges, the state of women’s dialogue in video games themselves, and more. It is considered a global event, and thanks to its online nature all are welcome to attend, regardless of their physical location.

“There are still huge challenges facing women working in games and esports, and women and girls playing games online,” said Marie-Claire Isaaman, Women in Games CEO. “Our work at Women in Games is to address these significant challenges, and look to find solutions. Our Annual Global Conference provides us with the chance to ask difficult questions, to disrupt – in the hope of collectively seeking answers.”

“Women in Games’ continuing mantra is that no-one should be disadvantaged because they are a woman, and our speakers will share their perspectives on how and why their efforts at disrupting the status quo are a reason for optimism about positive change in the worlds of games, esports and beyond.”

If you’d like to find out more about the Women in Games Global Conference, or would like to register to attend it, you can do that on HopIn now.

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