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“Things have been rapidly changing for the better”  – Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation composer Winifred Phillips on the growing recognition of game soundtracks

Every month, we discuss the unique process of making music for video games. This month, we dive into the musical universe of Winifred Phillips.

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“Even as a small company, we’ve always been fighting with the big guys” – Madfinger Games on monetisation, machine learning and Shadowgun War Games

The studio is perhaps best known for their work bringing first person shooters to mobile, in both the Shadowgun games as well as their zombie shooter franchise Dead Trigger.

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If the industry wants better headlines, it needs to offer academics better data – “It’s infuriating how easily important data could be collected and shared”

If the industry won’t provide more information to academics, then the studies around loot boxes are inevitably going to be flawed

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